The Nusa Bali Park tourist attraction is a cultural park that focuses on Indonesian culture. In this cultural park there is a lot of information that visitors will get about the culture of various tribes in Indonesia.

In providing cultural information from various tribes and ethnicities in Indonesia, Taman Nusa Bali provides information in an attractive and interactive manner, with the aim of making it easier for visitors to understand information on Indonesian culture.

The layout and architecture of this Cultural Park looks very integrated with the surrounding nature because it is combined with a view of the natural mountainous background. This cultural park complex is built on a cliff with views of the Melangit river below.

The Nusa Bali Park area, built on an area of ​​15 hectares and each building, was built based on time travel information from Indonesian history and Indonesian culture from each tribe. For now, the

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Currently there are the newest tourist attractions in Bali which are more suitable for tourists who are vacationing in Bali with their families. The name of the tourist spot is Taman Nusa Bali. You must be asking, what kind of tourist attraction is Taman Nusa Bali?