Tegalalang is the best terracing in Bali. The rice fields are terraced, with neatly terraced plots. It looks like a staircase with green rice plants. Surrounded by many palm trees as if framing the Tegalalang area with a prettier, natural and charming appearance. It is extraordinarily beautiful.

This location is also known as the Ceking Rice Terrace, because it is located in Ceking Hamlet, Tegalalang District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. When you visit Tegalalang, whenever the time is on all occasions, whether when the fields are still being plowed, nurseries, or even harvesting, the atmosphere of the natural scenery is still amazing.

Because the location is located on the edge of the main highway, so the parking facilities are still on the shoulder of the road. However, there are parking attendants who arrange it so you don't need to worry about your vehicle. There is no entry ticket for tourists. However, it is enough to pay for a motorcycle or car parking ticket of Rp. 1000/vehicle.

For visitors to Tegalalang, special places have been provided to witness the expanse of green rice fields so that you can perfectly capture the moments and views that are presented. If you want to rest longer, you can relax at a restaurant around the location while just enjoying a warm drink by looking at the natural beauty of the Tegalalang rice fields which are still beautiful.

If you want to know more about the rice fields in Tegalalang, you can also go straight down to the rice fields by walking along the rice fields here. Get to know the irrigation system (Subak) more closely, the process of rice processing, seeding, maintenance and during the main harvest.

Because the Tegalalang terraced tourism object faces east, the best time to visit it is in the afternoon, when the sun has started to set westward.

Along the main road in the Tegalalang area, there are many shops displaying various wooden sculptures for souvenirs. These shops are lined up for 10 km, of course there are more choices to get the best souvenirs.

Visitors can find wooden or iron statues in the form of giraffes, cat and mouse, dolphins, wooden masks, wood carvings, rock carvings and many more. Visiting the Tegalalang terraces is not only entertaining for the eyes and mind, but also as a complement to your shopping tour.