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There are two parts to this.

  If we can build huge trust rapidly the cautious defences we have about us in any new meeting will drop and we will hear what is being communicated. Whales like to see it helping humanity or enabling them to be more able to engage in volunteer and team work.

  In traditional marketing and sales the best way to build trust is in building rapport.

  In face-to-face encounters there are a number of things people can do to build trust - on a physical level and a psychological level.

  On a psychological level people tend to hear according to their personality types. Communication is dynamic too. Some people prefer audio files only. This is the feeling of engagement that people have with the sales person, or anyone in any situation really. So how can we build real trust? Is it even possible?

  Yes it is and in many ways it corresponds to the above criteria. People can relax knowing where you are coming from and feeling like they already know you.

  Is this a problem? Would it be better to appear bland to not offend anyone?

   By being ourselves as much as possible we are more likely to strongly attract those who resonate with us.

  Sharks and dolphins tend to be fast-paced. If we take the simplified personality types mentioned before (shark, whale, dolphin and urchin) each has a different response to pace and engagement concerns. This is mainly based on our physical appearance and initial words. General body posture is important, rate and depth of breath, blink rate etc. But some degree of tilting pad thrust bearing consistency creates a reliability scale.

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