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Uniform watch: Bengals release 2018 jersey schedule

The Bengals have released the schedule for when they will wear what jersey this season. It started out with a bang as the color rush jerseys debuted in Week 1 against the Colts. The Bengals players love those jerseys Bengals Tyler Boyd Jersey , and they started the season on a high note by winning in the white uniforms.In Week 2, the Bengals are scheduled to wear black jerseys and white pants against the Ravens. The Bengals are 33-32-1 (.508) when wearing black on white since 2004.For the population of the fan base that gets excited about what jersey the Bengals wear each week, this year offers incredible news as the team released its full jersey schedule ahead of Week 1. Here is when the Bengals will wear each jersey:Black JerseysWeek 2 vs RavensWeek 3 at PanthersWeek 6 vs SteelersWeek 8 vs BucsWeek 12 vs BrownWeek 13 vs BroncosWeek 15 vs RaidersWhite JerseysWeek 4 at FalconsWeek 7 at ChiefsWeek 11 at RavensWeek 14 at ChargersWeek 16 at BrownsWeek 17 at SteelersOrange Jerseys Week 5 vs DolphinsWeek 10 vs SaintsColor RushWeek 1 at ColtsThe first takeaway from all of this is that the Bengals will only have one week with their color rush uniforms, which are arguably their best ones. Since color rush uniforms have no longer become mandatory for Thursday Night Football and the NFL relaxed their policy to allow a team to wear an alternate jersey up to three times in 2018 instead of two, it is disappointing we will only see them once during the season. Instead it appears the Bengals opted to wear their orange jerseys twice on top of the color rush.The team also doesn’t have any throwback jerseys, but that isn’t surprising since they haven’t worn throwbacks in a log time. Although Bengals Preston Brown Jersey , it could be a good time to sprinkle in some 80’s jerseys if for nothing more than a fun themed night at Paul Brown Stadium. Not to mention the team will be honoring the 1988 team that made the Super Bowl this season. What do you think of the Bengals jersey schedule?Bengals rookie Malik Jefferson is the recipient of free Pizza Hut pizza for a year When the Bengals traded the No. 46 and No. 100 picks in the NFL Draft to the Chiefs, they got in return pick Nos. 54 and 78. But pick No. 78 in this year’s draft was no ordinary pick. The 14th pick in the third round (3.14) was the recipient of free Pizza Hut pizza for a year. Why? Because 3.14 is pi!Pizza Hut is a new sponsor for the NFL and this is a new promotion as part of that sponsorship.To celebrate Jefferson’s addition to the Bengals as the 78th overall pick, Pizza Hut threw a pizza party in Cincinnati with Jefferson in attendance.The party didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts. Well, actually, it got delayed a few times. It was initially scheduled for Saturday afternoon but obligations with the Bengals got in the way. Of course, the Texas linebacker had to attend to his Bengals duties before the party.It was then rescheduled for Sunday morning Cheap Billy Price Jersey , which worked out well as it served as the first of many Sundays that Jefferson will be spending with the Cincinnati community.Jefferson is (somewhat hilariously given the circumstances) gluten free, but Pizza Hut does sell gluten free pizza (at 2,100 of its locations, according to the website), so the Cincinnati location better load up on some gluten-free dough for the Bengals rookie linebacker.UPDATE: As of September 11, Jefferson is out of free pizza. Though the sponsorship was supposed to be enough pizza to last a year , Jefferson didn’t even get six months worth of pizza before it all ran out.Hey Pizza Hut, what’s the deal?! Free pizza for a year, is free pizza for a year... Not less than six months!
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