Beyond this though there is the reality


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      For the next element of building trust (although as noted above about how quickly we judge people it is important this is incorporated in that initial seven second assessment time) there are two elements.

      You are often more correct in assessing what personality type people are not than exactly what they are. Communication Styles

      Communicating at all the levels of the different personality styles can help establish rapid engagement.

      Being bland can make it harder for people to hear us too. And you may well want to consider whether or not to use this. Consistency

      Being predictable and consistent in your communication methods, timing and content is helpful in establishing trust. So details that reinforce this are helpful. Whales and urchins are slower and will not follow a fast-paced presentation as well. That initial seven second evaluation can be done even more rapidly. Authenticity comes through. The quicker they can make this assessment the more likely they are to hear the rest of what we are saying. Again this is not to say it should be boring. If you chose to only engage the same style as yourself, or one style only, you will reach 25% of the people out there.

      The dolphins will relate to fun and excitement and the whales to helping people and contribution.

      The Seven Second Rule

      There is an initial summing up people do on meeting us - the seven second rule of an initial assessment.

      Video gives even more information. There are characteristics we trust and others we do not. Our background, age, experience and the degree this relates to our prospects can have a huge bearing on whether they will trust us.

      Beyond this though there is the reality that we are all growing and learning. Or rather 25% of those who make it through the other judgment calls.

      Standing facing someone does not allow this to tilting pad thrust bearing be done as effectively.

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