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  •   When it comes to toys, we can say that there are as many toys to choose from, as there are stars in the universe. No wonder why kids go so crazy inside toy stores. Sometime ago toys were designed to distract children and entertain them while mom was doing house chores. Toys were wooden made or plastic made with no other purposes in lives of children.

      Nowadays the toy industry has innovated with so many toys, that these have to be divided into categories. Toy designers and manufacturers such as Melissa and Doug have not only thought about entertainment for kids, but they have found the best way to educate children through toys craftsmanship. Every parent looks for the best toy for his or her child. Scroll through these categories that toy stores such as Toys R Us have to offer and make your best choice.

      First things first, since your objective is to buy the best toy for your child, your primary and most important aspect to take into consideration is your child characteristics. Keep in mind age of your child, personality, skills, needs, likes, dislikes and most important, the skills he or she will achieve through the use of the toy you buy for him or her. Remember kids love to have fun, laugh, run and jump but most important have someone to play with. Once you have taken all these things into consideration your choices will have reduced to one or wall base two categories.

      You can find toys divided into age categories or stages of the life of child. Not only have toy manufacturers thought about stages o children but education and talents of children. Here is what you can find in a toy store, among other classic or trendy toys.

      Most toys will teach your children something. Think about the advantages and disadvantages about what your child will learn. He or she has to be prepared for what you expect him to learn from his or her toy. Parents love to buy their kids; toys they dreamed of having when they were young and erroneously forget their characteristics or needs of children. Do not buy remote control cars for your five year olds or toys that will teach nothing to your kids. Toys are designed to develop your kids, creativity, senses, skills, organization, values, knowledge and habits.

      Believe it or not toys have a great impact on further of your child actions and personality. Children learn to be humanistic, loving, helpful or aggressive and mischievous. It is up to parents to help children take the best out of their, playtime experiences. When you go shopping for that spectacular gift for your child, keep these things in mind. Who knows Maybe even you will learn something new

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