The rules of the game that children usually play


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  •  The rules of the game that children usually play called "capture the flag" are also applied in Paintball.The two teams with two different colored arm bands go into the field, and do all that they can to search for the flag of their opponent.  The objective of the game is to seize that flag, bring that back to their base, and touch it to their flag for a certain span of time, without being eliminated.The term eliminated happens when a paintball was able to hit a player and broke and made a spat on him. It is the referee's role to declare you eliminated and out of the game.The Basic Paintball EquipmentWhat materials do we use when we play Paintball? Here are the basic ones:'Paintball are spherical containers as big as a marble, which contains water based paint and a semi hard rubber shell covering that breaks easily after hitting an object.  'The Paintball gun serves as a means to launch the paintball. It is generally powered by compressed air and the body is made of aluminum alloy with container for holding loaded paintballs. 'The Eye equipment protects the eyes using acrylic plastic lens and rubber strap to keep it in place. 'The Mask: This is a protective 'helmet' that covers the front of your face and ears. 'The Belt Pack: commonly worn around the belt to hold additional accessories. 'The Sight is an added device on the paintball gun that enables you to aim more accurately than just point shooting. Common Sense in PaintballHow do we play smart?'Taking off the mask is a big no. It is detrimental to eye safety. 'Know the limitations of your gun.'Wear dark clothes, not light colored-ones. You will be getting much attention and will be spotted easily.'Wear comfortable shoes like running or hiking shoes. 'Honesty is the best policy. Exit the game when you are hit even nobody else knew you got hit. However, if you are not sure if you really got hit, do not quit just yet, wait for what the referee has to say.'Choose a team captain, and follow what he has to say. Always be willing to learn.'Always focus. Open your eyes wide enough, and be proactive on what you have to do next.'Lastly, enjoy the game. It is what it was meant for.Now that you know the ABC's of paintball, let the battle begin!

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