The urchin and shark are more fact based


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  •   Our dress, expression, posture, though comes across well in an image.

      All the best for building your network marketing online. This again can form part of that rapid assessment. A picture

      An image of us instills trust. It is better to adopt this as we respond in speech and not to be too obvious. Without it, nothing will really get through.

      In large group situations finding out particular personality types of our audience is not often possible. Being at an angle to our subjects allows us to subtly mirror them.

      A large variation will mean they will have to re-evaluate you again. One is that the internet is such a huge medium with a such a massive audience that there will be people out there who relate to us. Details of the history of the company, how big it is, how quickly it has grown, and placement in the market are important. Once the first impression is formed it is difficult to change. As in life generally we should not worry about pleasing everyone. But this can narrow the field down quite quickly. But it is possible to have elements that appeal to each personality type in the presentation. These are valuable as the quality and tone of your voice builds trust as well. So don't be too rigid in running your on-line communication.

      On-line we have a different situation. This occurs on a number of levels. Personal Details

      Some description about ourselves can help establish rapid trust. Sharks, though, prefer succinct details and value results, urchins are concerned with finer details and a lot of it.

      The urchin and shark are more fact based. This will build a more committed team or prospects. This in itself builds trust. Urchins value respect and making the right decision. Urchins might be more impressed by in depth details about legal aspects of tilting pad thrust bearing the case and exactly how it all works. Life is organic and growing so we should allow ourselves to do so too. This can be within the body of any communication you make and also with ongoing regular communication like with e-mails. They will look forward to your e-mails and other calls. Just try matching someone's breathing sometime and see what happens. Dolphins love fun and recognition, while whales need support and teamwork.

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