Completely self-contained in a motor home

Forget crowded airports, queues to check in and restrictions on the amounts of hair products you can take onboard that us girls absolutely NEED to take. There are so many brilliant places in the UK why spend all your time (and money) sitting on a plane with loads of other holiday makers doing same old, same old when you could be having a REAL adventure. Be prepared to go where the mood takes you, to little coastal hideaways, quaint hillside villages, country inns and woodland campsites. Invest in a 12volt TV ' just because you are in the wilds of Scotland you don't have to miss Eastenders, and ignore anyone who says 'why do people come away to watch TV?' Trying to tweak the ariel to get a signal is all part of camping and it's a tradition. In a motor home you have electricity for your lighting whether you are plugged into the mains facility on a campsite or you are running them off your leisure battery. That's the main thing, the sense of adventure. Just forget it! I've found a much better way to have fun on holiday- take a motor home! It's not a joke, gone are the days of basic fibre glass caravans with nothing but a Calor Gas stove and a few cheap wooden cupboards!! Now camping is cool, 'all singing-all dancing', adventurous and the most important thing is in the 21st century it is luxurious, you can even plug your hair dryer in ' oh happy days! Me and my husband have hired motor homes and travelled all over the UK we even travelled with two friends to Germany this year and what a ball we had!! It's great for couples, groups and families and when everyone mucks in together the fun is endless, all you need is a fridge full of yummy food, a sleeping bag (don't take a duvet it can turn into a nightmare making up a bed with sheets and duvets after 5 vodka and tonics) and a sense of adventure. If you decided not to stop at that gorgeous little secluded inn with local draft ale and seasonal trout with citrus salad you can get the gas going on the burners in the motor home and get cooking! Pass the cork-screw! Everything is to hand! You probably won't believe how many young people are going motor homing now, they are gathering in campsites all over the country and having a great time. Go where the road takes you and you won't be disappointed. So three phase motor manufacturers once you have lights and your TV you might fancy dinner, nice bottle of chilled wine by the side of a bubbling stream.Summer is coming it's time for holidays, breaks away and lazy weekends. I'm an advocate of it, so if you are reading this and thinking about it I would say go and do it. This is all possible because you are completely self-contained in a motor home, lock the door at night and you are transported into a cosy camping world without any draughts or scary sounds that seem to come with the territory when camping in a tent.
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