Final Fantasy 14 Gathering Outdoors

Melding the grind of resource harvesting together with the popularity of Square-Enix’s GO combination of mobile games (plus a ton of augmented reality) we've Final Fantasy 14 Online GO. This video is worth it to the deadpan, subtitled performance of designer “Futoshi Ito.”
“It’s an extremely special plastic stick, which turns Fortnite Items your phone right into a mining hammer.” This has to happen so I can see people happily trashing their phones down with the municipal park.
Battle Royales
Thanks to Playerunknown’s Battleground and Fortnite this would be the trendiest trend in game trends, so that it is ripe for April Fools’ prankery.
Enlisted, just around the corner Gaijin Entertainment (they generate War Thunder) is running something called “Cuisine Royale.” It’s a huge enticement to have folks to apply with the alpha test with the game and download its client, but everyone who is it is playing around with kitchen implements.
“For the primary time from the history of online games — free loot boxes,” says the developer, capitalizing on another topic with the now.
Gaijin’s other game, War Thunder, is managing a submarine combat spinoff called Silent Thunder which doesn’t be understood as much of an joke actually. It’s accessible over the War Thunder client.
Elsewhere, Total War, the tactic series by Creative Assembly Buy Fortnite Items that will seem to get the furthest thing coming from a battle royale game, alleged that it turned out running a battle royale in the multiplayer playlist. (“period-authentic trebuchets will replace parachutes and cargo planes” in line with a writeup on PCGamesN,) They also got this quote, due to CA’s Al Bickham.
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