The new trailer shows us a lot of the new game

The often overlooked runt of the EA Sports lineup, NHL is nonetheless a fantastic series that continues to silently captivate players every year. NHL is not a game series you associate with Europe traditionally- nonetheless, at Gamescom, Europe’s biggest game show, EA Sports showed off a new trailer for it.

The new trailer shows us a lot of  Cheap NHL 19 Coins the new game, primarily the franchise mode, which fans of the series should instantly be able to identify. One of the new things in this year’s Franchise Mode (well, I say new, but it used to be a thing back in 2000-01) will be expansion drafts.

You can get more details for yourself below by watching the new trailer. NHL 18 will launch on September 15 for PS4 and Xbox One; unlike EA’s other big sport franchises FIFA and Madden, NHL 18 has not yet made the jump to the Frostbite Engine, although hopefully, next year’s entry will allow for that.
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