Building off the success of the last two years

With these new changes come new tutorials, aimed to provide players with the new skills they need to excel in-game. In doing so, EA Vancouver has teamed with a trusted source when it comes to hockey development: Hockey Canada. “We are really excited this year about our improvements to our training for  NHL 19 Coins  players,” Ramjagsingh continued. “
Building off the success of the last two years with the On Ice Trainer and Coaching Feedback system, we have now partnered with Hockey Canada for our all new Hockey Canada Training Camp to put players into more controlled environments where they can fine tune their skills in different mechanics as they do hands on training after getting tips and suggestions from videos that showcase Hockey Canada players and alumni teaching both hockey strategy and how to perform the actions in our game.” Ramjagsingh confirmed that the Training Camp will focus on basic and advanced deking when dealing with stick-handling specifically.
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