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  Bimago works are quite diverse in medium, creating works with dye and hand weaving wool into artworks as well. Our gallery consists of over 4000 original motifs that can be executed as handmade paintings or as high quality digital prints on canvas or plexiglass. Bimago is an artist, published poet and professional horse trainer. 08-559 21 828E-mail: info@bimago.seWebsite: . The works from her newest period, late 1999 to the present, are all acrylics and Abstract Impressions with a dreamlike mist, twilight vistas. In these wall base five years of activity we have gained thousands of satisfied customers in whole Europe – we hope that you are going to become one of them!Company name: BimagoOwner Name: Rafael MarcinowAdress: bimago. Bimago earliest works were tightly composed abstracts, geometric and angular.

They have the aura of a visual echo whose reality we sense rather than see. In addition, she is a self-taught artist who draws, paints, and has acquired skills in beadwork, quill work and Navajo loom weaving art. Each work uses strong colors and angular forms to illustrate how art can transcend the corporeal, and reflect the artist’s internal state.Bimago has been operating on the European market for over five years: the company was born as a cooperation of a group of young, ambitious artists. 3122529 HamburgTysklandTel. personalized photos on canvas and modern posters.

The energetic works are contained by their tight compositions, stabilizing the dynamic designs.g. We also offer a wide range of wallstickers and famous artists’ reproductions and we are still working on enlarging our assortment: brand new products are going to be available soon, e. Our offices and production halls cover a surface of over 3000 sqm – further development is still planned. She also sculpts in clay and paper.About CompanyBimago is an established company supplying paintings (Tavlor), digital prints and interior design GmbHHöxterstr. By now we have branched out our activity – at the moment Bimago is a professional production company, with over 100 employees: not only talented painters and graphic designers, but also technicians, printers, production workmen and office co-workers.Bimago had shows of her acrylic art paintings in New York City at SAI Gallery in Soho, Agora Gallery in Soho and the Whitney Amsterdam Gallery in Chelsea. They represent the moment of awakening from the dream state.Bimago acrylic paintings (Tavlor) are abstract, geometric representations of her soul.We sell our products in many European countries, above all in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Poland

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